Verbal Communication: School Pricing

Help your students communicate more effectively with the people around them.

Our Verbal Communication Course will help improve your students' communication skills, and show them how to build rapport, and approach different types of conversation with confidence. They will be guided by videos giving examples of practical applications of the techniques used and will have an opportunity to practise throughout the course.

The Verbal Communication Course is also part of the following course packs:

School Pricing:
Free access for UK maintained schools (Apply Here):
No. of learners: 100 £345.00 (+VAT)
No. of learners: 250 £750.00 (+VAT)
No. of learners: 1000 £2,750.00 (+VAT)
No. of learners: 1500 £3,750.00 (+VAT)
No. of learners: 2000 £4,500.00 (+VAT)
VAT (20%) £69.00
Total: £414.00 (12 months' access)