Preparing for BMAT: School Pricing

Help your students develop key skills to get the best possible BMAT score.

Our Preparing for BMAT Course will help your students familiarise themselves with all aspects of the BMAT test, as well as developing their ability to think through problems and arguments critically and logically. Students will also complete three mini timed practice tests and a full-length timed test to identify the areas they need to work on.

The Preparing for the BMAT Course is also part of the following course packs:

School Pricing:
Free access for UK maintained schools (Apply Here):
No. of learners: 100 £345.00 (+VAT)
No. of learners: 250 £750.00 (+VAT)
No. of learners: 1000 £2,750.00 (+VAT)
No. of learners: 1500 £3,750.00 (+VAT)
No. of learners: 2000 £4,500.00 (+VAT)
VAT (20%) £69.00
Total: £414.00 (12 months' access)