Writing Skills: School Pricing

Help your students to write well-structured and clearly expressed essays.

Our Writing Skills Course will teach your students the techniques they need to create a well-structured and powerful essay no matter what the question. We’ll take them from the brainstorming stage, through building their argument to editing the finished essay. Students will be supported by interactive activities, practice tasks and advice from experts.

The Writing Course is also part of the following course packs:

School Pricing:
Free access for UK maintained schools (Apply Here):
No. of learners: 100 £345.00 (+VAT)
No. of learners: 250 £750.00 (+VAT)
No. of learners: 1000 £2,750.00 (+VAT)
No. of learners: 1500 £3,750.00 (+VAT)
No. of learners: 2000 £4,500.00 (+VAT)
VAT (20%) £69.00
Total: £414.00 (12 months' access)